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Aaaaannnndddd….here we go again.

Posted by rws on October 1, 2009

I’m going to try and give this a go again. My goal for RIGHT NOW is one picture a day for all of October 2009.

Should be a fun month!


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Posted by rws on October 20, 2009


Sometimes It’s Better to Just Not Ask

I know. I’m woefully behind.

In my defense I might have left my camera battery charger behind and therefor had a dead camera until my charger arrived in the mail yesterday.

so tonight, the camera went with me to football practice.

I asked her to just stand still so I could take a picture, please. And she stood still. And made this face. and I was laughing so hard that my composition sucked. ha. But still.

I dare you to say you did NOT laugh when you looked at that. 🙂

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Posted by rws on October 16, 2009


The Nose Knows

I got nothing. But I really really REALLY want to do that really tacky animated thing where it makes her mouth open and close and then dub over some words about how much she likes that stupid string toy or how enjoyable it would be to smother me in my sleep or whatever it is that kittens really think about…

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Posted by rws on October 15, 2009


Tiny Dancer

First up, just wanted to say thank you so much to those of you who have left comments or sent emails in the past month! It makes me feel so amazing that you take the time to stop in and see what I’m doing and to say hi and just give a peek into what’s going on in my house here. So thank you very much. *xoxox*

Katie got her first “real” haircut today. She told the salon woman that all of her other haircuts were “homemade haircuts” and this was her first time getting a “storemade haircut” and I about died of the extreme cuteness.

It typical Katie form, she chatted the ear of the poor woman, who in an amazing feat of mental dexterity, almost managed to keep up with the random leaps from one topic to another.

We of course had to document the moment. Which I wasn’t sure I’d be able to do since I, in a moment of exceptional flakiness, left my camera battery charger in New York. hopefully it’s in the mail because I got a new lens that I can’t wait to test out! Hurry up mailman! 🙂

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Posted by rws on October 14, 2009


Chucks at a Diner

Standing outside a diner waiting for food. Jamie and I did a little foot-tango. Because Chucks are cool, that’s why. Also because it’s fun to snuggle with people in public. Especially when one of the two people involved says something really loud about how lovely her wife is and how much she enjoys this same position when snuggling in bed at night. that someone might or might not have been me… I’ll never tell.

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Posted by rws on October 14, 2009


Manhattan Bridge From Brooklyn

On Sunday night we stayed with a friend of Jamie’s and he took us up on his rooftop retreat to watch the sunset over the East River. Amazing view. A little chilly (read: OMG! GET ME BACK TO THE DESERT!) but totally worth it for the amazing view we had.

New York was good to us with it’s sunsets. Totally amazing that weekend.

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Posted by rws on October 10, 2009


Badass Awesome

Flash Workshop this weekend in New York where I teach them how to not only use their flashes but also how to be freakin’ awesome badass.

Gotta love flash workshops!

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Posted by rws on October 9, 2009


Hard at Work at the Flash Photography Workshop

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Posted by rws on October 7, 2009


Huddle Up

Flag Football Season has begun and Elijah is having way too much fun.

I might be having a little too much fun with the light at football practice. I have way too many pictures that I only took because I liked the light. The life of a photographer.

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Posted by rws on October 6, 2009


Self-Portrait Tuesday: Boring Bathroom Picture Edition

Some people are saying they have forgotten what I look like.

See? Haven’t changed. Still look the same. Still smirky, too. Fantabulous!

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Posted by rws on October 5, 2009


He’s Got Character

We enjoyed a lovely lunch with Andrea at Sweet Tomatoes today.

He was cracking us all up with his cross-eyed no-face faces. goofball.

And yes, this moment is out of focus. I kind of like it that way. 🙂

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