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Posted by rws on January 16, 2007


Hop – Self Portrait Tuesday

50mm 1.8 (yep. Erin is still the coolest.)
300D sitting on the trunk of my car and propped up with a squishy orange dinosaur. ‘Cause I’m all High-Tech like that. Used a wireless remote.
1/160 @f5.6 ISO100 (I should have upped the ISO and dropped the SS to stop motion, but whatever. I figured with the orange dino used as a tripod, I couldn’t be getting all picky about other things, too. This is GHETTO FABULOUS, BABY)


3 Responses to “01.16.07”

  1. Fud said

    Totally Ghetto Fabulous Baby! Do those shoes make you jump higher? 🙂

  2. mom said

    Did the kids get a turn too, or is Mom hogging the game? LOL

  3. Billy said

    Wendy got ups!! Probably from playing b-ball with the neighborhood kids every Thursday, huh?

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