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Posted by rws on January 20, 2007


Little People: Hollywood or Bust Version

My daughter has a map fixation. I’m not sure if it stems from a love of maps or a love of Dora or a combination of the two. But she found this map of the LA Basin in my car the other day and has used it for all sorts of imaginings since then. I stumbled upon her yesterday driving her little people happily around the streets of Riverside. While she wore her pink Barbie sunglasses. And held her shiny sparkly pink lamee purse.

I’d say she’s a Diva, for sure.

Today, these remnants of her play were still here. A reminder of her to hold me through the day.

(For those of you who read the personal blog and remember me saying I was going to sell my children on ebay, I only feel that way until about 30 seconds after they are gone. Then I want them back again.)

50mm 1.8
1/125@f1.8 ISO400
580xt ext. flash bounced off ceiling, flash exp. comp -1/3

No photoshop editing was done on this image except to resize for uploading.

One Response to “01.20.07”

  1. Sara D. said

    Great capture!!!! My DD is obsessed with LP too!

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