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Posted by rws on March 27, 2007


In Search of the Elusive Group Shot

In the course of the next few days you are going to be seeing a lot of two of my favorite women from my college days. Obviously, I took these pics over the weekend and not this week, but you’ll enjoy them anyway and I don’t have tons of time this week to spend taking pictures anyway.

Things of note: This shot is TOTALLY 100% STAGED…. we were running Veeerrryyyy slllloooooowwwwwlyyyyyy…. which is why I look like I’m some sort of whacked out gumby runner….

Tomorrow I might even let you see their faces UP CLOSE or something. 🙂

Other thing of note: I love my 5D. I used to hate this lens (28-70mm f/3.5-5.6) because it never worked very well on my 300D. Turns out I just dislike the cheap camera/cheap lens combo. This lens works ever so much better on my 5D. It’s not L-series and it’s not USM, but it’s now earning it’s $350 price tag.


7 Responses to “03.27.07”

  1. SaraD said

    What fun, but you know what I can’t believe you left your 5D on a fence! :)LOL Great ‘action’ shot!!!!!

  2. kathy p said

    this is one AWESOME picture….staged or not! i love it wendy! looks like you had a fun girls weekend!

  3. jenny said

    You girls really know how to do up a weekend good, don’t you?

    Love the staged running shot.
    You could perhaps give Bo Derek running on the beach a run for her money. heh

    (And no, I am not old enough to really know who Bo Derek was. I just remember my Mom talking about her.)

    I also cannot believe you left your 5D on the fence.
    Good grief — next time at least drag a pillow along to cushion her fall.
    (Brings back haunting memories of the bed-droppage incident.)

  4. jenny said

    Did ya miss me?
    I’m back…with a question.

    As I looked over the awesome staged photo again, I thought to myself.

    That can’t be the 5D on the fence because how could it be in the photo?

    Whose camera is perched precariously (I certainly hope it’s not a Nikon) on that fence & now I am fairly confident you at least had your 5D on a boulder or something sturdier.

    I’m so confused…

  5. Kristin said

    Yeah, It sure was a good time! The color looks amazing on this one too. Love the golden that comes out in the grass.

  6. reetah said

    Good times! The picture looks WONDERFUL! You’ve got mad skills…

  7. Billy said

    Cool pic. I’d rather believe that it wasn’t staged and you’re just an uncoordinated runner.

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