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Archive for March 28th, 2007

5D in peril?

Posted by rws on March 28, 2007

Clearing up some questions regarding the picture on March 27….

Yes, that is a skinny wooden fence the camera is sitting on.

No, that’s not my 5D, that’s my friend’s Canon XT (not a Nikon, Jenny, so we were VERY CAREFUL with it…… otherwise….well…I hear juggling is a fun pasttime?)

Yes, the XT is balanced a bit precariously upon a small shim of wood and the end of the fence.

Yes, my 5D is balanced just as precariously less than 2 feet away on the same fence.

No, there wasn’t anything to catch either of them “in case they fall”…. the fence was SHORT… Maybe a foot off the ground, and by ground I really mean “scraggly brush and soft lake bottom”…

No, I wasn’t worried about it falling. I had on a heavy lens and you can see by the angle that it was actually wedged onto the fence sideways using the crook between where the lens and the body meet, and the body was held on even further by the usually annoying extension of my tripod quick release.

To sum up:
Two cameras. One skinny fence. Faith in the camera gods. It’s all good.


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Posted by rws on March 28, 2007


More than Just a Lovely Meter Maid

(Note: if you knew this girl, you’d know that she had absolutely NO RIGHT to be sitting there with that “I’ll humor you with another picture” look on her face because she EASILY out-pictures me. But I will agree that she was in the middle of talking shop with some other people. I couldn’t resist the light, though. I couldn’t. And it’s not like the person she was talking to gave a rat’s ass about me, so what else was I supposed to do? EXACTLY. Nothing better to do than be rude, so why not?)

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