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Posted by rws on April 15, 2007


Judy in the Sky, With Glasses

(Note: You know how sometimes you don’t hear songs correctly? All growing up I thought that is what they sang…. and then one day about 4 or 5 years ago it suddenly dawned on me…um, no, that’s not what they are saying… and it all made sense — I mean why did it matter if she was in the sky wearing glasses.. but ahhhhh-HA! Now it’s all clear. I’m a dork.)


2 Responses to “04.15.07”

  1. Mom said

    AAAhhhhh…… but you are not alone in thinking that was what they were singing. Maybe you should take a poll and while you are at it ask how many know the song with the line in it about the paperback rider.

  2. Terry McKaig said

    Love the cris-cross in the sky…….beautiful shot Julie!

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