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Posted by rws on April 23, 2007



(Note #1: No pictures from this weekend. I took a two day break from my camera.)
(Note #2: My daughter is of the opinion that she is too busy to learn to use the potty to do her bidness. But she loves to play in the shower and I don’t let her do it very often. So I’ve been using the shower as an incentive for using the potty for her more, um, solid pusuits at the potty. So far, it’s working well.)
(Note #3: No natural light exists in this picture… tungsten bulb over head and 580EX external flash unit bounced over shoulder at +2/3. Flash CAN be your friend.)


2 Responses to “04.23.07”

  1. Kristin said

    Beautiful light. Looks natural. Love how her eyes are amazing blue. wish my eyes could look like that!

  2. jenny said

    Another adorable one!

    I would truly love for flash to be my friend, but no lovely & beautiful girl will show me how.

    Of course, I first need to master natural light & all of its secrets.

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