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Posted by rws on May 3, 2007



(Note: Color here is very pink/red/orange. I know. I like it. So there.)
(Note Part Two: Happy Birthday Mom!…. See how much I love you? I knew you wouldn’t want your actual FACE on here for your birthday… so howzabout just yer hands? you’re welcome.)
(Note Part C: Miso Soup. Ginger Dressing. Sushi. Teppanyaki tables. YUM.)

(Final Note: On the drive home, Peanut sang the following:

“Happy Birthday to Grammie, Happy Birthday to Grammie, Happy Biiiiiiiirthday, Dear Grammie, Happy Birthday to Grammieeeeeeee…..sooooon you’ll be deeeaaaad.”

No more conversations about kitties getting old and then dying, mkay? I nearly crashed into the side of the freeway.)

5 Responses to “05.03.07”

  1. Kelley said

    Happy birthday mom!!! 🙂

    I agree w- like the colors and the focus. Very nice.

  2. Mom said

    Umm…… would you let him know I don’t plan on it any time soon. And…. thanks for no face!!! The arms are fat enough.

  3. elizabeth said

    mmm…. that dinner sounds (& looks) delicious. what a great way to celebrate grammie’s birthday!!

  4. `Dana said

    Yeah Mom! Happy B-Day (I think you have a great face and I like it when Wendy sneaks you in, but it’s your birthday…. 🙂 )

    Love the shot Wendy,and the Sushi hue too! mmmmmmmm. Sushi…..

    PS – Peanut’s song almost made me choke on my chocolate! Toooo Funny! (the song, not the sentiment Wendy’s mom!)

  5. Lisa said

    Yikes…I don’t know if I would have crashed from shock or from being doubled over with laughter. Lovely moment you captured there!

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