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Posted by rws on May 22, 2007


Self-Portrait Tuesday: Mom Car Edition

(Note: “Mom Car” is the phrase I use to excuse the extremely messy state my car always appears to be in. Someone gets in to sit in the passenger seat and has to move so much stuff just to sit down. All I say is “Mom Car”, give a resigned sigh, and begin to toss stuff in the back…. )

(Also. While IN the Mom Car on the drive home I had the following conversation with my son:

“Mommy, Superman can fly really fast. Who else can fly?”

“Ummmm……Batman! yeah! He has a BatPlane. I think they call it the batwing?…. and….ummmm…WonderWoman has jet. It’s invisible so people can’t see it when she flies.”

“If her plane is invisible, how does she find the door?”



3 Responses to “05.22.07”

  1. kathyp said

    that boy is just waaaaaaaayyyyy to smart! šŸ™‚ love how their little minds work! love it!

  2. JENN said

    yeah..I have a mom man-van (Durango)…same here. I AM getting it detailed though when I get my profit sharing check next week…they can shampoo out all those nice little spills. šŸ™‚

    baahahahahahaha GOOD ONE. That’s pretty dang clever.

  3. jenny said

    That is one creative little boy. šŸ™‚

    Your Mom Van is way cleaner than my Mom Van at the moment.

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