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Posted by rws on June 19, 2007


Newest Member of the Family

Everyone say a nice friendly hello to Pete, the dog who never pees. I feel like he must metabolize EVERYTHING and then breath out anything he doesn’t want. I’ve had him a week and I have yet to see him pee (or any other sort of function). Things go in, but nothing comes out. It’s some sort of doggie miracle.

(Note: Check back tomorrow for self-portrait.)


4 Responses to “06.19.07”

  1. Cecile said

    He’s cute…he looks like Lassie….Need to be sure to not click on this website when the kids are watching or Fuzzy Q the Rabbit will have a doggie-sister soon….how is you kitty cat liking him (her?)

  2. Kelley said

    He’s a cutie. Hopefully he’s just not peeing where you can’t see… 😀

  3. Kristin said

    very fun! adds tons of zaniness to your life, i’m sure.

  4. Kristyn said

    He’s gorgeous! This picture is great!

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