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Posted by rws on June 29, 2007


Big Brother

Note: For e, who wanted a picture of the kids and not the tools and crap.
Note 2: Kathy, tools and crap still to come.
Note 3: A little peeved at myself for the DOF here…way too shallow… I wanted the Bug in the background to be quite a bit more defined. But despite the fact that they APPEAR to be cooperating quite nicely here, the truth of the matter is that they in fact, were most definitely NOT.

Note, re. OT post from yesterday: you all crack me up! Trust me, I was running.


3 Responses to “06.29.07”

  1. elizabeth said

    I love this. I especially love it in black and white.
    kids are better than tools any day. šŸ™‚

  2. cecile said

    wendy, I just lvoe this..the evenness and all….when do i start to take photos like this?

  3. Christina said

    I love this big brother photo but it has me wondering “how the hell did she get the girl soooo blurry”. Is this done with lens or in p’shop!!! I can imagine that if your daughter was standing really far away and with a wide aperture you can get this effect so I really need to ask how you did this. Or maybe you used a telephoto lens and I don’t have one of those – yet!!!

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