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Posted by rws on July 4, 2007


Sefl-Portrait Tuesday on Wednesday: Dress

(Note1: I realize that is the most uncreative name for this picture. I apologize. I had many other options. The one that made me crack up at myself the most: “Wrinkled like my love for him”. In the end, I decided “dress” was the safest one.)
(Note2: Anyone need a wedding dress, beautiful condition, size Back-Before-I-Had-Two-Children-And-Two-Years-Of-Comfort-Eating? Seriously, I barely fit into this thing on my wedding day. I think it might be size 0 or possibly 2? It WAS size 4 when I bought it, but the seamstress assumed I would lose some sort of extra weight before the wedding. Since I had no extra weight to lose, that didn’t happen. It was a wee bit OMG!ICAN’TBREATHE! on the day of the big event. All of that to say, have any skinny friends getting married anytime soon who’d like a dress?)
(Note3: Play “spot the kitty”! It’s fun! He’s there! Look close!)


4 Responses to “07.04.07”

  1. Marla said

    What a gorgeous dress, Wendy!! And I LOVE the lighting. 🙂

  2. cecile said

    this is so beautiful….

  3. jenny said

    Everyone’s leaving such nice comments & while I agree with them, one little word keeps popping into my head.

    It starts with a b and ends with an…

    You’re almost 6 feet tall for pete’s sake.
    I didn’t realize my favorite teacher was a friggin’ model.

    Damn you.

  4. Wendy said

    Please note the area where it says “before 2 kids and 2 years of comfort eating”….there will NEVER EVER EVER come a time when I can again fit my left leg in this dress let alone my whole body….not going to happen….I suppose if you took a chain saw and cut my body in half, you might be able to squeeze that half into the dress? but I’m thinking blood and white satin do not mix….just a guess.

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