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    I am a 32 year old mother of 2 and professional photographer. I shoot with a Canon 5D unless otherwise noted.
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Posted by rws on July 11, 2007


Child Labor Laws? Never Heard of ‘Em

(Note: Yes, I make my children help me clean the bathrooms. I especially make the boychild clean his own toilet and the floor AROUND his own toilet. Boys are So! Gross! You can never start to young when it comes to training your slave labor.)
(Note2: They aren’t very good at it yet, so I usually follow right after them doing the work for real. And we learn Safety Around Chemicals, too. So I feel it’s edjumacashunal.)

(85mm f/1.8 – to get this much in the frame, I’m standing at least 15 feet away)


4 Responses to “07.11.07”

  1. Mindy said

    Wendy! I haven’t been checking in here – I’m so glad I did on a whim!!!!

    I finally do and you are going on vacation? Is that allowed?

    I think not.

  2. Cecile said

    I need to show this to my kids…and here they leave me voice messages saying…”hey Boss….ease up on the chores today, can ya’!” (in their o-so-mafioso voice).

  3. Marla said

    Ha! You crack me up, Wendy!!

  4. Shannon said

    Thanks for giving us the lens information. I’ve only been a paid photographer for a year and I’m still learning a lot. This is always helpful to me! Most of my shots are taken on auto and I’d love to learn more about full shooting on manual mode. Got any insights?

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