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Out of Town

Posted by rws on July 11, 2007

I will be spending the next two weeks out of town in the wild farm country that is my ancestral land (makes it sound so special that way huh? Instead of just saying “I’ll be in the middle of nowhere on the recently denuded hayfields of the family 4o acres”). I’m sure by now you have realized that there will be no wifi out there in the rural farmlands. Not that I have a laptop, so I couldn’t take advantage of wifi if there was any.

All of this babbling has a point: RWS picture a day will be sitting here stuck at this point on July 11th for a couple of weeks. I know you will be sad. But just think! When I get back there will be tons of farm pictures to enjoy! It’ll be Totally Worth the Wait!

Did I sell you on it? I tried. At least give me an A for effort here.

P.S. Please don’t rob my house while I’m gone. There’s really nothing here to steal since I’m taking all of the High $$$ camera gear with me. So it’s not worth the effort unless you want a crappy TV I paid $99 for at Wallie-Mart a year ago. There is nothing to see here. My neighbor across the street has a HUGE plasma TV. I suggest you go there instead. Kthxbye.


4 Responses to “Out of Town”

  1. Julie said

    Godspeed….what did you say your neighbor’s name was? 😉

  2. Cecile said

    no chance that you would have left even one of your lenses behind huh!!!! oh well… how Huge is this PLASMA?

  3. Jenn said

    Hmmmm..plasma huh? Well have FUN on the family 40. 🙂 Can’t wait to see the pics when you get back.

  4. Natalie said

    oh my gosh……..dying laughing. Don’t you feel that way…..I always feel that if I put I am out of town someone will know exactly where I live and be waiting to pounce my house while I am gone…… if people read my blog. I am soooo full of myself sometimes! LOLLLLLLL

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