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Posted by rws on August 3, 2007


Volcano View Barn Outside Vancouver, Washington

Note: There was a llama in the field just to the right and I really wish I could have gotten him (her??) in the shot as well, but that field had this really ugly chain-link fence around it. I suppose that was so the llama couldn’t go on the lamb. (haha — llama on the lamb….. I crack myself up. not you, probably, but myself.)


7 Responses to “07.14.07”

  1. missie said

    oh no, you DO crack me up! And AMAZE me (I have to find a new word to use to describe your talent!) with your pictures… I LOVE this one!!

  2. Donita said

    This is breath-taking!

  3. Kira said

    Llamas scare me. My mom goes to a convent for retreats, and they live in the wilds of Wyoming. They have llamas to keep the coyotes away from their sheep. Scary nun-llamas.

  4. Kristin said

    I giggled. I also giggled at the scary nun llamas.
    very nice though.

  5. Shannon said

    I love this shot!! I would hang this one on my wall!

  6. Cecile said

    Lovely photo – almost a take on all prime colours – very soothing to the eye…..I love it….

    llama on a lamb…i dont get it?

  7. jenny said

    Lovely photo.

    You were wise to stay far, far away from that llama.
    They spit, ya know.

    (Wouldn’t want to get any goo on that fancy schmancy camera of yours.) 😉

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