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Archive for August 13th, 2007


Posted by rws on August 13, 2007


Picking Hayfield Flowers


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Posted by rws on August 13, 2007


Mossy Fruit House

Note: This image was not edited in any way except to resize and sharpen for posting. The color was that intense naturally.
Note2: That’s a picnic table bench
Note3: It’s probably been propped there for 10 years now

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Posted by rws on August 13, 2007



Note: This is only a portion of the canned fruits and veggies that we pulled out of my grandmother’s attic and fruit shed. Anyone want some tomato sauce? beets? very spicy pickles? blackberry jam? grape juice? green beans? applesauce? no? good. ‘Cuz I had to sit there and pry all of the lids off and pour everything into a big bucket and poor it all into the big compost pile. All of it. Every last jar. My arm muscle was so soar from using a rusty screwdriver to pry off all of the lids… but only one muscle on the side of my arm. haha. I should work that muscle out some more, right?

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