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Posted by rws on August 15, 2007


Rose’s Roses

Note: My grandmother’s name is Rose. So she has roses planted all over the farm. These were in this beautiful late afternoon light with the sun hitting the bright green of the blackberry brambles behind and making them glow like green jewels. It was perfect. I love this shot.

lens info: 85mm prime


8 Responses to “07.22.07”

  1. Julie said

    ohhhhh, nice bokeh! I can see why you love it, it’s gorgeous.

  2. Billy said

    WOW! You should sell this one to Hallmark.

  3. elizabeth said

    gorgeous! the green leaves are spectacular!

  4. sigh.
    gorgeous, wendy!
    just gorgeous.

  5. missie said

    my daughter’s middle name is Rose because my grandmother’s name is Rose and she’s the sweetest lady I know… If you do sell this to Hallmark, I will buy a TON of them and wallpaper my daughter’s room with them… it is beautiful! 🙂

  6. Cecile said

    wow Wendy….you show me time and time again what I should be aspiring to be…i just love this shot

  7. nic said

    specular highlights! (right?) absolutely stunning!!

  8. jenny said

    Now, THIS photo I love.
    Gorgeous, Wendy.
    Simply gorgeous!
    (And I love the story behind it also…)

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