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Posted by rws on August 19, 2007


Chemists at Work

Note:Oregon Museum of Science and Industry – OMSI – one of my favorite museums! Loved that place as a kid. Still love it as an adult!
Note2: Actually, I love ANY science museum. Science is fun. Wheeee!
Note3: We have memberships to the Arizona Science Museum….
Note4: The lighting in this room was AWFUL, but I took the pictures anyway because the moment was so important to capture. If you are a student of mine, you know how I feel about this! Technically perfect photos are not as important as photos that convey emotion and meaning! This image is a perfect example of that.
Note5: At some point soon I am going to run out of images from this trip and have to start actually taking more. I just don’t want to. I know it has to do with something being all messed up inside me right now. And I accept that. I’m having trouble answering the question “what’s the point”, which is quite a bit unfair. Because I KNOW what the point is — I enjoy it and I love that I have these moments captured for my kids. Especially moments like this one. I need to just pick my camera back up and go for it. Somehow, I just can’t…


4 Responses to “07.24.07”

  1. Mindy said

    I love this pic.

    Hugs to you, Wendy.

  2. Kelley said

    This is a GREAT picture.

    Don’t worry, when you’re ready, you will. Just be ready by Dec 31… 😉

  3. Marla said

    Sending you some extra hugs, Wendy.

  4. Cecile said

    I love this…

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