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Posted by rws on August 23, 2007


Like Sands Through The Hands of Children, These Are the Days of Our Lives

what? So I ad libbed. whatever.
Note: Still vacation pictures…. I’ll intersperse them throughout until I run out of my favorites.
Note2: I love how you can see that little bit of sand dropping out of his hands on the way down.

85mm lens


3 Responses to “07.27.07”

  1. Billy said

    I like the dropping sand, too. Looks like he was having fun! He needs some Tonka trucks for that pic.

  2. Cecile said

    very nice….yeah – the sand dripping is perfect!

    and you are making me want this lens…not that it has anything to do with the eye behind the camera….but it seems the right FL for these

  3. Allen said

    That’s such a beautiful photo.

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