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Posted by rws on August 24, 2007


The Chad

Note: Oregon Coast Aquarium
Note2: SOOC except to resize and sharpen for web
Note3: First person who is NOT Jenny Ress to get the reference for the title of this image receives a lovely prize. Ready? Go!

85mm lens


9 Responses to “07.28.07”

  1. Cecile said

    any thing which does not end up where it is supposed to

  2. Cecile said

    clicked return before I could append the “?” to that last post.

    either way, chad or no chad….beautiful shot – Need to ask about this resizing for the web on the boaRD!

  3. oh my, wendy!
    this is so cool.

  4. Julie said

    LOLOL, the dangling chad from the Florida ballots from the election between Bush and Gore

  5. missie said

    The color in this picture is just phenomenal… [see, I tried to say something other than “amazing” and it just doesn’t do…] AMAZING!

  6. Heather said

    WOW! That is beautiful…the detail and color and all SOOC. You are my hero!

  7. nic said


    the chad? I can only think of tom green from charlie’s angels!

  8. Meliss said

    Second the “Charlie’s Angels” reference!

  9. jenny said

    I was robbed.
    I didn’t get a chance to even see this until now.
    Darn you.


    P.S. Be sure to bring plenty o’ bubble wrap along – this baby belongs to ME.

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