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Posted by rws on August 28, 2007



Note: At the end of packing up the family farm, we took a trip for two days to the Oregon Coast. And stayed in this spectacularly wonderful hotel room complete with a fireplace and a view of the ocean. My mom’s friend runs a nursery, so she supplied us with fresh berries (many of which we picked ourselves) before we drove out there. What could be better? Fireplace, fresh berries from a friend, sitting in a cozy room, reading a book, while listening to the ocean that you can see right outside your window….
Note2: Ignore the sippy cup. Reality always seems to intrude upon fantasy.

16-35mm lens @ 16mm


6 Responses to “07.30.07”

  1. Shannon said

    Okay…that’s hilarious, but SO true! We can never really escape can we! I love that shot – it’s so cozy – makes you wish you were there (even with the sippy cup).

  2. Julie said

    How relaxing. I didn’t even notice the sippy cup until you mentioned it. Love how you worked with the light in this.

  3. missie said

    Sippy cup? What sippy cup?!?! I see a warm, sweet cup of coffee right there. 🙂 I fell in love with a little town on the Oregon/Washington border a few years ago… BEAUTIFUL!

  4. Billy said

    You are a photographic (and photogenic) genious!

  5. Cecile said

    Lovely capture of the sky…really instills the mood along with the “spotlight” barely illuminating the scene…another one to boast of….how many beautiful pictures can you take!!!!????

  6. jenny said

    Lovely photo!

    This is the kind of photo I am expecting to learn how to take when you Flash Us all.
    (Complete with a fire burning in the fireplace in our hotel rooms…) 😉

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