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Posted by rws on September 13, 2007


Hold on one second, Barbie. I have to get rid of the lame Paparazzi

Note: Guess who is visiting from SWITZERLAND!?!?!?!
Note2: I have a picture in which she actually looks really really really bad. Which is HARD to do, because I have never met anyone quite as photogenic as this girl. But I would like to remain her friend, so I will just print it life size and hang it in my room rather than posting it on the internet.
Note3: Note2 shows what a wonderful friend I am. Because I was SERIOUSLY tempted to show it to ya’ll.
Note4: One of my students recently asked me how to frame a portrait to match the Golden Triangle rule of composition. This one is really close. Just FYI.

85mm lens


One Response to “09.13.07”

  1. Cecile said

    great composition…you are a font of talent….so tell me, is that a real phone? It’s so pink! Krystn would just go for this

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