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Posted by rws on September 18, 2007


There Is So Much Wrong With This Picture

Note: I’m working on on-camera cross lighting with a flash. Which is a lot harder than off-camera with an umbrella. Oy. But I want to be able to explain how to get it to work well to my flash workshop students who will be here next month and it’s been a while since I’ve done it!
Note2: Things wrong with this picture: Hello Flare! Pretty sure I don’t like it here. And how about the really uneven light on Elijah and the falloff lower down on Kelley and it’s a bit harsh on her AND his face and somehow I didn’t quite get this framed right and missed the sunburst I was going for (which hovers somewhere outside of the frame above Kelley) and and and and…..

BUT! It’s a picture of KELLEY! And I MISS HER! And I WANT HER TO MOVE BACK HERE! And Switzerland can’t possibly appreciate her as much as Arizona does! So, despite all of the horribly wrong things technically with this picture, I’m including it because it’s her.

16-35mm lens @ 33mm, on-camera 580EX

2 Responses to “09.18.07”

  1. kathyp said

    ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh! i can’t wait until october! nice to see you practicing!

    i actually don’t mind the flare here. 🙂

  2. Billy said

    No fair!!!! You have a pic of the famous Switzizonan and all I get is the little box with a red x! Ahhhh! I’ll have to try another computer.

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