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Posted by rws on September 20, 2007


Drippy Stuff

Note: It rained today!
Note2: Funny story — while we were in Washington for the summer, it  rained for quite a bit of it. At one point, Elijah, who is FIVE!, was telling us what he and Kate had been doing. It involved lots of pointing outside and going um um um… and was followed with, “we were playing out there…in the….um….you know… the drippy stuff.”

“The drippy stuff?”

“yeah. you know…. from the sky.”


“You mean the RAIN?”

“YEAH! RAIN! We were playing in the RAIN!”

This is how you know you live in the desert. When your very smart 5 year old can’t name a basic type of precipitation. He can tell you the different states of water (“solid is ice, liquid is water, gas is steam”) but can’t tell you what to call it when it just falls all willy nilly from the sky…

85mm lens


2 Responses to “09.20.07”

  1. Billy said

    This made me laugh out loud. Hilarious!

  2. missie said

    Oh My Gosh! How FUNNY! 🙂 Great pic, too, by the way!

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