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Posted by rws on September 25, 2007

How I Feel About Having Two Kids in School

Note: Can you tell I’m totally bored with my photography right now? I always know when I get bored because I start to attempt to edit them to look like something because I am bored with how they look just all normal.
Note2: I’m so white

16-35mm lens @ 16mm, 580EX on camera, cheap Vivitar off camera


12 Responses to “09.25.07”

  1. Cecile said

    Look at you! With toes pointed and all…great ballet moves!!!! Don’t tell me…yet another one of your talents….and yup…you are so white!!!! need a vacation to Hawaii…or Australia for their summer!

    Lovely shot as always…

  2. jenn said

    wow…great picture Wendy!! You look beautiful!!

  3. Julie said

    LMBO! This is a great shot, Wendy. Not boring at all.

  4. Michele said

    Okay. . .dancer or cheerleader? Both?

    This reminds me of a Hanes commercial. . the one with the women and the balls. . .hmmm this is sounding too strange. It’s a compliment, really!

  5. Billy said

    What’s your vertical? I’m forwarding this shot to the Phoenix Mercury! I agree with the Hanes commercial comment, too. Definitely a really cool shot. Did you wear yourself out trying to get the timing right?

  6. Shannon G said

    Wendy, you are hilarious!! Love it!!

  7. kathy p said

    love it wendy!
    bored?? never! creative?? always! šŸ™‚

  8. Mindy said

    Look at you, Skinny! Love this picture.

  9. nic said

    I’m so jealous, self portrait with hands AND feet in the frame – wow… and you look fabulous.

  10. elysianlife said

    Rock it GIRL!!

    (ps- Congrats on the freedom with the kids at school! Lot’s of time to find your new photography angle!)

  11. Marla said

    LOVE this, Wendy!!! šŸ™‚ And coincidentally that’s how I feel about having one in kindergarten and one in mom’s day out two days a week!

  12. Kristin said

    Really fun! How many pics did you have to take to get this one perfect???

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