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Posted by rws on October 2, 2007


Self-Portrait Tuesday: Favorite Things Edition

Note: I know this is a cop-out for self-portrait because I’m not actually IN this anywhere. But if you know me. I mean, if you REALLY know me, you know that this — it is my two most favorite things — chocolate & cookies. YUM
Note2: What is it, you ask? It is a s’more’s cookie bar. As seen Here.
Note3: My boy? He is SO. SMART. 5 years old. And I passed him the printed recipe and said “GO!” and he read the recipe and chose the ingredients and the correct measuring devices for EACH STEP. He even correctly used two 1/2 teaspoons to measure out a full teaspoon when I told him he couldn’t use the now-wet-with-vanilla-teaspoon to measure the baking powder.

I’m counting on him being some sort if boy-wonder genius and inventing something that makes lots of money. COUNTING ON IT. But, should it fall through? I’m still SO PROUD. And also, well on my way to not having to cook dinner around here. SO BONUS FOR THAT! (next up! train dog to do dishes. and girl-child to serve me breakfast, lunch AND dinner in bed while performing dramatic interpretations of death scenes on the bedroom floor. She’s got the death scenes down, so she’s half way there!)

16-35mm lens @ 35mm


8 Responses to “10.02.07”

  1. Billy said

    So, are you sharing samples of this chocolaty wonder???

  2. kathyp said

    yum! i LOVE chocolate! i’ll have to try these out. 🙂

  3. Cecile said

    Love how you write…makes me crack up here at work…no worries because everyone here know I am a crack up already…so what’s a little laughter alone in my office while looking at the computer….Thanks for sharing the S’mores recipe…My Tim just found out about t his little wonder of a bakery (from StarBucks) and now we have been scouring the countryside for all the S’mores we can handle….will need to surprise him with the recipe this evening

  4. jody said

    Serious. Smarty. Pants. Let this former elementary school teacher tell you that you are dealing with genius material there. =0)

    Let’s just talk about how I might have to harm you for linking to that blog, which looks incredible (I love baking!) and is sure to make me feel even worse about the fact that I do not work out (though surely chasing a toddler around should count, right?)


  5. Michele said

    Okay. . .so he makes my 5 yr. old look like a dunce. Holy cow! I would be calling him “boy genius!” Wanna trade? Heh.

    That looks extremely delicious.

    First the rocket scientist, and now you tell me you can eat like that and look like you do. I’d put one bit of that in my mouth and gain 12 lbs. I’m sorry, Wendy, but I can no longer like you. We are over! 🙂

    Thanks for bringing a smile to my day. You always crack me up.

  6. Michele said

    bit. . .bite. . . .molecule. . .it’s all the same. . . .+20 lbs.

  7. Shannon said

    Okay, you’re making me really hungry!!

  8. Kelsie said

    Thanks for sharing that recipe. I made them over the weekend and they are SO! YUMMY!

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