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Posted by rws on October 3, 2007



If I turn around from the desk with my computer on it, this is my view. Not with the kids always, but everything else. And yes, it’s messy. But not as messy as the computer side. 🙂

Requests have been made for house pictures. I took this yesterday while I still had children. It’s not an image I’m in love with, by the way.

16-35mm @ 16mm

6 Responses to “10.03.07”

  1. Kelley said

    oh to be doing a cartwheel, right there… 😉

  2. Jenn D said

    What a happy site! We have that same shelving unit too. Love how much fits in there.

  3. Cecile said

    wow – what a great room this is….need one of these in my home…even one with the kids in it!!!

  4. kathy p said

    ummmmm? where exactly is the mess? cause i’m not seeing it!

    if you think this is messy, then i shall never show you my house on anyday but thursday’s! (that’s the day (the only day) the cleaning lady comes) 🙂

  5. Donna said

    Yes, Yes, more pictures of your house, please!

  6. Kristin said

    look at that great room! Somehow you end up with these great houses that have LIGHT! 🙂

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