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Posted by rws on October 17, 2007


Breakfast in Bed

Note: My kid FINALLY went back to school today (modified year round meant 2 1/2 weeks off) and he came home from school all rambunctious and wild from the sudden influx of EXCITING THINGS. I told him to take his sister and go play. Next thing I knew, he was back, “Mommy! Mommy! Come see what we did!” And this is what they had done — put the table and chairs on Kate’s bed.
Note2: It totally reminds me of some sort of modernist art.
Note3: Still playing around with different ways to edit.

16-35mm lens @ 25mm


5 Responses to “10.17.07”

  1. Kelley said

    That’s just awesome. 🙂

  2. Shannon G said

    Loving that Kate has her handbag with her….so cute.

  3. kathyp said

    i remember doing this! except we (my sister and i) were on the the top bunk! i also remember my mom not being particularily happy with us because we did it!

    love kate’s purse! she looks so ‘sophisticated’! 🙂

  4. erin said

    Yep, love how her purse is on her shoulder…great shot girl!

  5. Cecile said

    I think it’s a very creative take on playing “grown up”….She looks like she in going in for a job interview…I just love this shot

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