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Posted by rws on October 31, 2007




Note: Katie will have her hair done for REAL tonight. But she’s not a big fan of hair doings, so I’m putting it off for a while. Because procrastination works.
Note2: I couldn’t decide which one of Kate I liked better — color or black and white, so you get a BONUS PICTURE! YAY!


All images taken with 85mm lens.


6 Responses to “10.31.07”

  1. Cecile said

    Wow – could be an ad for Spidey-man….

    and Katie is so lovely and dreamy!!!! (Personally I like the Coloured one better…but that’s just because I am a pink person…..)

    You know I love the light you capture!!!!

  2. Shannon G said

    Wendy! You nailed it!! love these!! Got me thinking that really is spider man!! I also prefer the colour version of Kaites. Very sweet!!

  3. elizabeth said

    wowee! spidey looks like he is about to pounce.

    I love the way katie glows. whatever you did (and I have no clue what that is…), it works! color is my vote too.

    happy halloween! -e

  4. Heather said

    The love spiderman shot!!!

    I am a fan of bw…but my vote is the color version..

    I love the backlighting “glow”

    So how did you set this up?

    What kind of black backdrop are you using????

  5. nic said


  6. Kelly said

    These are beautiful. I love how spider man looks ready to pounce and the colors really pop on the black. My vote is also for the color version of Katie. Love the glow and how her hand in on her foot and that she is looking down. Very sweet and tender.

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