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Archive for November, 2007


Posted by rws on November 30, 2007



85mm lens


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Posted by rws on November 29, 2007


How You’d Look if You Kicked Your Sister and Got Sent to Time Out for Life

Note: In case you ever wanted to know how you’d look… which I’m sure you were just Holding Your Breath to Find Out. I could tell. So really, I’ve done you a GREAT SERVICE TODAY.

85mm lens

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Posted by rws on November 28, 2007

No picture today… BUT!!… I offer instead proof that I have my mircrophone is working again.

And also, who could resist the siren song of Kwinkle Kwinkle?

Listen to it Here

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Posted by rws on November 27, 2007



Note: Katie picked out these ornaments.

85mm lens

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Posted by rws on November 26, 2007


Twin Toes

Note: Proof that I haven’t gotten over my need to take pictures of feet.

16-35mm lens @ 35mm

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Posted by rws on November 25, 2007


Windows Background Come to Life

Note: You know that background that comes (or used to come?) standard with Windows? Or possibly a scene from Teletubbies — I suppose either one, but that is totally what this picture reminds me of.
Note2: How dumb was I not to have them step forward about 2 steps so they HAD SOME FEET??? whoops! Who needs feet when the grass is that green and the sky is that blue?
Note3: Such a very fun family – I don’t normally post work from my sessions on here, but I might be a bit overwhelmed with them right now and maybe not have taken any pictures that weren’t from sessions and besides, you all get tired of seeing my kids all the time, right?

85mm lens (although I think this would have looked really cool if I had gotten a lot closer with my wide angle and made the sky pop)

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Posted by rws on November 24, 2007


Paper Chains

Note: This sucks. I kept thinking back to last year and how my dad interacted with my kids and how this Christmas – it’s going to really (really!) suck. And how I’m just trying to keep it as normal as possible for my kids. I know that is really hard to read. It’s very hard to admit. And I know my mom is crying right now reading this. I know as much trouble as I am having with this whole happy holiday changed forever thing, she is having way more. So I just wanted to say up front that this sucks. And then I don’t feel like I’ll have to say it again. Because you’ll all know how I feel about it.
85mm lens

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Posted by rws on November 23, 2007


Same Approximate Mental Age

Note: This is my brother – sort of – it’s complicated. Anyway. I consider him a sibling, which is all that matters.
Note2: This is one of the first pictures I’ve been excited about in quite some time. I really love the emotion here.
Note3: It works really well in color, too, but I loved it more in black and white. Plus the vignette worked better in black and white. And we aren’t distracted by Elijah’s totally awesome flannel Superman PJ’s.
Note4: I believe they were cracking up over playing the copy cat game? You know the one…. where the first person keeps saying things and the second person keeps copying the first person until the first person gets really annoyed…. My brother is the one who was BEING the annoying one… No big surprise there.

85mm lens, 580EX fired

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Posted by rws on November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving to All!


Red & Green

Note: It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas……..

85mm lens

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Posted by rws on November 21, 2007


Toes of Concentration

Note: In an effort to burst out of the photographic funkity funk funk, I’m going to try to focus on The Details or my life — These are Kate’s feet. This is what she does with her toes when she’s “thinking”. It’s like Elijah’s tongue, only with toes. And if you know me, you know I LOVE baby toes! And these are almost NOT baby toes anymore (*sniff sniff*) so I have to capture them while I can!

85mm lens, 580 EX flash, CTO gelled(not that you can tell after I converted it to b&w!)

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