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Answering some questions

Posted by rws on November 1, 2007

Lots of questions lately —

Unfortunately the only one I can remember talks about the backdrop used in the halloween shots.

If you have a question, post it in the comments and I’ll answer it!

As for what kind of black backdrop I use…

It’s an 8 yard piece of velveteen fabric in black that I got at Joann’s on Clearance about 2 years ago. The Velveteen makes a great backdrop fabric because it is really intense in color, when you wash it the color doesn’t fade, AND BEST OF ALL – it doesn’t WRINKLE! I just ball that thing up and toss it in the trunk of my car. I have a fluffy white version and a lime green version. I don’t use the lime green very often. I need to dye it a darker green. The lime washes to a ghastly yellow/bile color (you’re welcome for the visual!) and so I need to make it darker somehow. Not sure that’s possible.

Pretty sure it’s this stuff?

(which is on sale right now, but they don’t have black)

I hang it from my ceiling using push pins and some plastic clamps.

Remember – ask other questions in the comments and I promise to answer them!


5 Responses to “Answering some questions”

  1. Cecile said

    How about the light (side light) that shines on the children….can you share where that light source is coming from…strobe? Steady Light?

  2. elizabeth said

    how many yards do you have for one backdrop?


  3. Wendy said

    @Cecile: The light source is an off-camera flash directly behind Katie and an off-camera flash to camera right off Elijah.

    @elizabeth: I have 8 yards. This is usually enough to hang half as the backdrop and the other half on the floor or to cover whatever I want to cover (I throw it over couches a lot)

  4. Maya said

    Just wondering what kind of camera you have. Love your photos!

  5. Wendy said

    @Maya: I shoot with both a Canon 300D and a Canon 5D. Thanks for the lovely compliment!

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