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    I am a 32 year old mother of 2 and professional photographer. I shoot with a Canon 5D unless otherwise noted.
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Posted by rws on November 18, 2007


Fun with Flare

Note: I was madly spinning settings to get this to expose correctly while hitting the shutter button the whole time because I KNEW he wouldn’t stand there long enough. I wish he’d stood there for about 3 more seconds ‘cuz then I could have had a FIERCE sunburst right in the middle, but alas — he was not cooperative. Still LOVE the flare.

28-200mm lens @ 28mm


5 Responses to “11.18.07”

  1. Maya said

    LOVE THE FLARE! So far, i’ve been largely unsuccessful at capturing it myself. But I’ll keep trying.

  2. Cecile said

    I love how you describe taking this shot because I find myself racing for some setting to capture a moment often…but rarely does it come out as beautiful as this….incredible (in my best french accent!)

  3. missie said

    I *so* need to take a phtography class from you!! What are the prerequisites?!?! I have the cute kids… what else is there?!

  4. Kristyn said

    Wendy! Teacher! Pretty Please will you t4ach us about sunflare??? This si something we need to know…don’t hold out on us!!!!

  5. nic said


    still can’t get flare – still trying though…

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