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Posted by rws on November 20, 2007


Self-Portrait Tuesday: Ugly Picture in Front of House Edition

Note: HATE this. HATE. I know that’s a strong word, but that’s how I feel about it. BUT — it DOES show the funk I’m in. So it does document how I am currently feeling about my photography.
Note2: Since this pictures sucks, I invite you to play a Rousing Version of Spot The Kitty! Ready? Go!

16-35mm lens @ 18mm


4 Responses to “11.20.07”

  1. Maya said

    i don’t know if this helps, but i look at your pictures here and i think, my God, i hope i can do it that well some day.

  2. Julie said

    Sorry you are in such a funk, wouldn’t know it by your posts lately but I do know its a drag to feel that way.

    Chin up 🙂

    Love the Spot the Kitty game 🙂 I see her (him?)

  3. Kelly said

    Sorry you are feeling this way–I can totaly relate if that helps. I spot the kitty! Chin up and crack open a bottle of wine–I’ll have a glass with you!

  4. Cecile said

    ho hum days …needed to appreciate the wo hoo days I’m sure….this too shall pass and you will be in greater spirits soon….besides, you still look beautiful so you can always say…”I feel so blech and beautiful!”

    meantime, is that the kitty silhouetted by the window?

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