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Posted by rws on November 23, 2007


Same Approximate Mental Age

Note: This is my brother – sort of – it’s complicated. Anyway. I consider him a sibling, which is all that matters.
Note2: This is one of the first pictures I’ve been excited about in quite some time. I really love the emotion here.
Note3: It works really well in color, too, but I loved it more in black and white. Plus the vignette worked better in black and white. And we aren’t distracted by Elijah’s totally awesome flannel Superman PJ’s.
Note4: I believe they were cracking up over playing the copy cat game? You know the one…. where the first person keeps saying things and the second person keeps copying the first person until the first person gets really annoyed…. My brother is the one who was BEING the annoying one… No big surprise there.

85mm lens, 580EX fired


3 Responses to “11.23.07”

  1. Kelley said

    Its great to see them!!!! Total fabulous picture. Love the moment you captured.

  2. Shannon G said

    Love it!! Great capture….it made me giggle. ;))

  3. Cecile said

    I just love the smiles in this photo!!!! I can almost hear the laughter

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