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Posted by rws on December 1, 2007


Cheesy on Multiple Levels

More after the jump…..

Okay, so there was this really overly schmaltzy effect detailed on photojojo today (link at the bottom of the post) about changing the shape of the bokeh created by lights in the background. If you’ve been following along here at RWS for long, you KNOW I’m not really into the cheesy stuff. Nor am I an overly sappy person. I HATE sappy cards. Ugh. If you love me and can’t live without me, write it yourself, don’t rely on someone else to write it for you complete with RHYME! Off topic, sorry. Anyway, I tend to stay away from the schmaltz, but this just looked like fun, Plus with it being Christmas season and having so many little lights around to play with, I gave it a shot. It’s actually really not that hard. And you can see that in the above photo I didn’t bother to spread out much of the lights, I just threw them on the ground but then I stood Elijah in front of the Christmas tree. He was fairly uncooperative, so you get really bad light on him (off camera Vivitar flash) and he tilted his head the same direction as the hearts which really bugs me, but whatever… still a really goofy but fun effect…. 🙂


No, step back one more step. Stop Moving. Don’t tilt your head like that, PLEASE! Fine. Whatever. Just look at me, okay? No. Open your eyes. OPEN. YOUR. EYES. Thank you. Okay. Now look at me. No, at ME. Good. Don’t move. Elijah! Fine. Whatever. *click* Get out of Here before I chop you up and make stew out of you. *grumble grumble*

What? You think that title is a little long? I left out a LARGE AMOUNT of what I said… it could be longer!

both images 85mm lens with Vivitar 285h off camera flash

Photojojo Link:
Add star and heart shaped bokeh to your photos

Direct Link to Bokeh Shape Instructions:

DIY Create Your Own Bokeh


3 Responses to “12.01.07”

  1. nic said

    HA – LOVE your second title – that is almost exactly what comes out of my mouth when trying to take a pic of my kids!

    now off to check my email, cause I agree – totally cheesy – but the grandma’s are going to love it…

  2. Maya said

    I saw that Photojojo too – but I’m not even together enough to think about trying it right now. Still, I like your pictures. And, as I’m dealing with a small child who just hit her terrible twos with gusto, I can relate. Only for me it involves explaining why when you peel a banana you have to eat that banana – you don’t just get to take a bite and then peel another banana.

  3. missie said

    LOVE IT! Cheese and ALL! 🙂

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