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Posted by rws on December 4, 2007


Self Portrait Tuesday: Katie Took This Edition

Note: Part of the trade off for getting to take pictures of my kids is that they get to take pictures of me. Usually this results in about 30 pictures of the grass or the sky or my boobs (not that I have a LOT of boobs, but I’m not posting a picture of just my chest on the internet. I’m single. But I’m not THAT desperate!) — this time she actually has ME in the picture. Exciting
Note2: I kind of feel like this looks like I’m falling into moving water. Do you see that too, or am I nutso?

85mm lens


2 Responses to “12.04.07”

  1. kelley said

    Ha! I didn’t think about the water until you said it, but totally. If it was slightly blue… ha!

  2. Billy said

    It took a minute, but I can see it too. I was thinking that it looked more like you had just been playing “ring-around-the-rosies” and you’re dizzy (probably just the closed eyes, with a smile, and that sounds like something you would do).

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