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Archive for December 12th, 2007


Posted by rws on December 12, 2007



Note: This is one of Squeak’s favorite places to sit. He barely fits on top of this little set of drawers but he squished his body and forces it to fit up there. I know you think it is so he can see out the window, but I’m here to say that can’t be it, because the table the box sits on is also above window height. The REAL reason is most likely linked to the fact that he is an IDIOT of MIND BLOWING PROPORTIONS. It’s true. The problem is that he is so very lovable and cuddly that you are forced to forgive him for all of the really dumb things he does.
Note 2: Example of Dumb Things Squeak Does: He craves going outside. CRAVES. Like Cheetos to a weed addict. But the minute he gets out there, he FREAKS OUT (again, like a pot smoker – only instead of having the munchies he’s at that point where everything just goes all crazy in their head and they huddle in the corner weeping and sucking their thumbs and asking for their mommy.)(I don’t know this from personal experience.)(Just to clarify.)(I just have friends who know.)(And an ex husband who also knows.) When he freaks out, he runs very fast as far as he can. And then you can’t get him to come back inside without cornering him somewhere and grabbing him by all of his legs and carrying him back into the house where he instantly becomes calm and serene again and acts like NOTHING WEIRD JUST HAPPENED AND THE SKY DID NOT JUST FALL, TRA LA LA, WHERE’S THE FOOD?
Note 3: But just look at him? With the cuddly? And the cute? So. He stays. *sigh* Even though when he uses the litter box, he puts all his feet in it and lets his BUTT HANG OVER THE SIDE, which I’ll leave the results of THAT particular little common episode to your mind to imagine. You’re welcome.
Note 4: (IS SHE EVER GOING TO SHUT UP ABOUT HER STUPID CAT??)(No. It’s all I have left now that I can’t leave the house. My mom DID say that if I wanted muumuus for Christmas, I’d have to send her to Hawaii to get AUTHENTIC ones. Hmph.)


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