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Archive for December 23rd, 2007


Posted by rws on December 23, 2007


Newest Annual Chore

Note: What? You don’t sweep off your roof? Why ever not?
Note2: That’s my Uncle Dan.
Note3: We trimmed off some Cat’s Claw Vine that was beginning to take over my roof and would have eventually looked like that picture! If you go back and look at my self portrait from 11.20.07 you can see it taking over the upper right hand portion of my house. Cutting it away left a LOT of detritus that had to be brushed off and then raked up. But I just couldn’t resist taking a picture of something that just looked so very silly.
Note4: MANY MANY thanks to my Uncle Dan for all of the very hard and very voluntary work he’s been helping with this weekend. You all wish you had an Uncle Dan like mine, but you CAN’T HAVE HIM! He’s MINE! ALL MINE! BACK! OFF!

16-35mm lens @ 33mm


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In Response to Your Response

Posted by rws on December 23, 2007

Thank you all so much for your very enthusiastic and kind responses to my question about continuing this thing. I realized a bit later that it was a bit of a loaded “pat me on my back” question… haha… but oh well. I just needed to know. We artists are a bit insecure at times. *snort*

Anywho, I wanted to respond to some of your comments —

Several of you mentioned that you would like to see more from my client work.
Yeah, that would probably be a good thing. Except that I have taken a bit of a break and am not booking clients again until March. Good for me. Good for my soul. Not good for posting client image on here. Maybe I’ll go back through and pull some of my favorites from past session. Designate a day of the week to client images — Sunday maybe? Something for me to think about!

Michele Said:
Blog on, Sista! “Clink”–that’s us toasting with two Cokes–straight up!
Thanks Michele! I meant to respond to your comment on that post — when my dad and I would go out to dinner, he would order the Diet Coke and I would order the Full Impact version. About 75% of the time, the wait-person would give me his diet and him my non-diet. haha!

Reeeeeeee-Taaaaah! Said:
Can I drop by over the holidays to see you????
You know, questions like that make all of my students VERY JEALOUS of you. haha
And no, you can’t have five pictures a day. Geez.

Alissa Said:
Perhaps, with permission, showcasing a little of the work your students submit to you as well.

I LOVE this idea! Thanks Alissa! I’m going to most definitely incorporate that in some way. PERFECT!

Donna Said:
If you are looking to add anything, I would love to see more pictures of your home!

Interesting. People always ask for that and I always think “Yes. I will do that.” and then I take one picture and forget because frankly, my home does NOT inspire me to photographic greatness. In fact, it makes me see all of the ways in which my images do NOT capture what I want them to. For some reason, it just doesn’t work for me. But it IS definitely something to work on for the next year — to learn WHY I don’t like pictures I take of my own home, to look at the work of others and see how they are doing it and why it works for them — Maybe I need to study some architectural digest magazines! LOL I’ll try! I promise! It is such a very common request!

Donna Also Said
I don’t comment because…uh, I don’t have anything to say except maybe, “Wow! I wish I could take pictures like that” and that might get old after the first few.

It would NEVER get old. See above about artistic insecurity! haha!

And from a different post but required commenting — Alissa said:
Here is what I don’t understand. You have two kids, yet I never see a mess in your house. HOW can that BE?! It always looks neat. Seriously. You make the rest of us look bad. I haven’t gotten out my camera lately because there is so d@*N much clutter and crap everywhere. What’s your secret?!

I hold you personally responsible for the death of my mom. She just died from the LAUGHING.

A few weeks ago, she came over and just stood there while I tried to find something amidst the clutter and, frankly, disgusting mess that was my house. I believe she muttered something about me not being her child because she would have NEVER raised a child as filthy as me.

What’s my secret? It’s called “The One Arm Sweep”. Basically, I frame the shot and if there is stuff in it that looks messy, I just PUSH IT OVER SO IT’S NOT IN THE SHOT ANYMORE — and VOILA! Instantly clean looking image.

Seriously. The answer is this – I just DON’T have the time. And the first thing I sacrifice is keeping my house clean. Working, time with family and friends, time for just me to regroup – they are all more important to me than if I could perform surgery in the sterile environment of my dining room. (Not to mention that I hate blood, so EWW! not in my house!) If the floor in my image DOES look dirty, I just edit it out! In the picture I posted yesterday of the striped socks, there were bits of shed cat hair and some sort of stain (juice?) on the carpet in the background. About 4 seconds of editing and POOF! Instant Clean! I wish I could get my house clean that way — Mr. Dyson needs to get together with the Adobe people and invent a house cleaning system that works like that. 🙂

Wrapping it all Up
Thank you ALL for your comments, your votes, and the lovely and wonderful things you said. They’ll keep me going for a while!

I think it was elizabeth (notice the small e!) who asked me if *I* liked blogging and the answer is – yes and no. I hate the guilt I feel when I don’t post daily. But I love looking back over the year and seeing the little bits I post here that are true of that moment on that day – of seeing how much each of my kids has changed in only a year. I think that is what keeps me going to most — the push to document our lives, and to capture the little things we do that make us, well, US!

Thanks to all of you who have taken this journey with me this year. Here’s to another year of Picture a Day!

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