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Posted by rws on December 23, 2007


Newest Annual Chore

Note: What? You don’t sweep off your roof? Why ever not?
Note2: That’s my Uncle Dan.
Note3: We trimmed off some Cat’s Claw Vine that was beginning to take over my roof and would have eventually looked like that picture! If you go back and look at my self portrait from 11.20.07 you can see it taking over the upper right hand portion of my house. Cutting it away left a LOT of detritus that had to be brushed off and then raked up. But I just couldn’t resist taking a picture of something that just looked so very silly.
Note4: MANY MANY thanks to my Uncle Dan for all of the very hard and very voluntary work he’s been helping with this weekend. You all wish you had an Uncle Dan like mine, but you CAN’T HAVE HIM! He’s MINE! ALL MINE! BACK! OFF!

16-35mm lens @ 33mm


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