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Archive for December 31st, 2007


Posted by rws on December 31, 2007



Note: Way (WAY WAY WAAAAAAAY!) back at the beginning of the year on the very first day of 2007 Kelley and I decided that it would be really cool (rockin’! totally tubular!) to take a picture on both the first day and the last day of the year. ‘Cause we are JUST! SO! VERY! COOL! like that. Or something. And here we are on that crazy day at the beginning of the year in case you’ve forgotten what it looked like.
Note2: Funny how it seems like we haven’t changed at all and yet the year in between has brought so many changes. Some very hard. Some very good. But all affecting where we are now and who we will be tomorrow. Strange how a year works like that.
Note3: Kelley says, “look at you, all insightful.”

Happy New Year Everyone. Wishing you the Best in 2008 – or as my friend Candice said today, “Hooray for 2008! It’s going to be Great!” — she must have been channeling Dr. Suess.

85mm lens


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