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Archive for January, 2008


Posted by rws on January 31, 2008



16-35mm lens @ 35mm | 1/1000 @ f/7.1 | ISO 200
pp: resized and sharpened for web


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Posted by rws on January 30, 2008



Note: Squeek. “hiding”. I believe I have mentioned previously that he, well, he is an idiot.
Note2: See the quilt? My mom made that for me. It took her 28 years. And I was the last relative to get a quilt. Proof that she loves me the LEAST. *sigh*

Shot in Av mode because I had to go FAST here as I knew he’d hop out and want some scratching the minute I showed up. Which is, in fact, exactly what happened as this is the ONLY picture I got before he squirmed out.

85mm lens | 1/30 @ f/3.2 | ISO 1600
pp: erin’s color boost action (thanks erin!!1!), defog, resize and sharpen for web

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Posted by rws on January 29, 2008


Self-Portrait Tuesday: Just Overload, Won’t you Help Me Girl….

Note: Name the movie soundtrack I’m listening to by the title of this image and you can get your very own GOLD STAR AWARD from Wendy
Note2: Why is it that laundry is one of those never ending things? Kind of like making your bed. You’re just going to mess it up again 18 hours later, so what is the point, exactly, of making it?
Note3: My mom just died a little bit right there.

**UPDATE**: Mindy gets a Super Big Gold Star Award! YAY MINDY!

85mm lens | 1/50 @ f/2.5 | ISO 500
pp: adjusted shadows in ACR, defog, resize and sharpen for web

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Posted by rws on January 28, 2008


Snack Time!

Note: Apple Juice and Wheat Thins! YUM
Note2: See the new stools in the background??? YAY! NEW STOOLS! WHEEEE!

85mm lens | 1/80 @ f/2.8 | ISO 1600
pp: defog, crisp color boost, resize and sharpen for web

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Posted by rws on January 27, 2008


Some Assembly Required X 4

Note: New Stools for the Counter
Note2: Merry Christmas to me!
Note3: Reason for new stools? 1) we only had two, which made it hard for THREE people to eat 2) previous stools, left by former owner, had WHITE CLOTH SEATS (see: children, messy) 3) previous stools also swiveled so that the back WHACKED into the counter top over and over and over again (see: children, annoying things they do) 4) I did not really like them all that much, but they were FREE WITH THE HOUSE and beggers, I hear, cannot be choosers.

16-35mm lens | 1/25 @ f/5.6 (braced against a wall and held my breath for THAT ONE!) | ISO 1600
pp: defog, resize and sharpen for web

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Posted by rws on January 26, 2008


Whomping Willow?

Note: We took a hike up South Mountain today. It was such a gorgeous day. The kids played under the branches for quite some time. All I could think of is all of those kids books where kids play in trees. The Boxcar Children. Chronicles of Narnia. Where the Red Fern Grows.
Note2: Can you think of any others? who else lives and plays under a tree? INTERNET PARTICIPATION! YAY!
Note3: Love it when it rains in the desert because we get this GREEN STUFF. I hear it’s called “grass”?

85mm lens | 1/320 @ f/6.3 | ISO 400
pp: LAB color, crisp color boost, defog, vignette, sharpen and resize for web

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Posted by rws on January 25, 2008


Spiky! Ouchy!

Note: Too lazy to look up settings. Sorry. Next picture, I will be much more helpy.

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Posted by rws on January 24, 2008


To the Trees!

Note: I’ve been waiting for just the right day to hit this grove of trees. This wasn’t QUITE just the right day, but it was closer than we’ve had in a long time.
Note2: The title of this image reminds me that I watch way too many movies in my spare time.

16-35mm lens | 1/125 @ f/7.1 | ISO 320
pp: adjusted shadows and vignette in ACR, crisp color boost, LAB color, additional vignette, burned edges, sharpened and resized for web

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Posted by rws on January 23, 2008



Note: I try. And most of the time I succeed. You see, I buy about half of his clothes and his dad (or his dad’s various relatives) buy the other half of his wardrobe. And usually, it’s not an issue. I mean, I am not a huge fan of the Kentucky Wildcats, but then again my grandparents gave him a white shirt with dolphins frolicking in the waves and “Mazatlan!” written boisterously in the corner. So it’s not like I have high ground to stand on. But he got off the bus today after being dropped off at school by his dad and came running at me dressed in this shirt. At first, I tried to pretend I wasn’t thinking what I was really thinking. But then I had this song inexpicably stuck in my head….

…that’s the sound of the men….working on the chain….ga-a-ang….that’s the sound of the men…working on the chain….gang…..

and I knew it was hopeless. Every time I looked at him, I pictured him with a pick ax along the side of a dusty road and the clink clink clink of hammers hitting rock.

I am a bad person.

Note2: I am SO SO SO very glad that his hair has grown back. *sigh*

85mm lens | 1/50 @ f/3.2 | ISO 1600
pp: adjusted shadows in ACR, defogged, crisp color boost, resize and sharpen for web

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Posted by rws on January 22, 2008


Self-Portrait Tuesday: I love books “recently read” Edition

Note: Those top two? Those are GOOD. You should read them.
Note2: The almost bottom two with the white spines? Those are FUN. You should read those, too.
Note3: This picture wasn’t that hard to take except for the CAT WHO KEPT TRYING TO KISS MY FACE.

85mm lens | 1/40 @ f/7.1| ISO 1000
pp: defog, crisp color boost, cloned out some stray hairs sticking out of the back of my head, resized and sharpened for web

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