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Posted by rws on January 1, 2008

Welcome to RWS: Picture a day 2008! Can you believe it? I can’t. But here we go. Off for another ride!


Crisp Winter Skies

Note: I know I live in Arizona and it’s not REALLY that cold here, but the sky still looks different. It has that cold feeling to it. Empty. Vast. Desolate.

Note2: I’m going to try to start giving ya’ll more info than just the lens used. But I know myself. And I’m lazy. So chances are good I won’t do it with every picture. Just warning you!

85mm lens | 1/1600 @ f/22 | ISO 250
Post Processing (to be abbreviated “PP” from now on): LAB color/Crisp Color Boost/Sharpened and resized for web


5 Responses to “01.01.08”

  1. maya said

    more info on the photos? that makes me haaaaaaaaaappyyyyyyyyyyyyy!


  2. I like your new copyright.

    The blue is so intense! Nice.

  3. Marla said

    Love this, Wendy. The blue is so crisp and vivid. And I just love sun flare. 🙂

  4. nic said

    gorgeous, and i like the new look

  5. Donna said

    Love the extra info! Thanks!

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