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Posted by rws on January 13, 2008


Just Your Standard Desert Sunset Picture

Note: I Rawwwwther impressed with myself for this one.
Note2: The desert really is beautiful. I love it here.
Note3: Whoops. Dirty Lens. Haha.

16-35mm lens @ 16mm | 1/160 @ f/16 | ISO 1000
pp: NOTHING! Now you know why I’m impressed with myself. oh. except I resized and sharpened for use on the web, but really…. that’s NOTHING. *sigh* Photographer Nirvana


9 Responses to “01.13.08”

  1. kathyp said

    wow! great shot! you should be proud! great colours and clarity! my favorite part is the clouds. great sunflare too!

    tsk! tsk! about the dirty lens though! {sorry, couldn’t resist!} 🙂

  2. Jennifer said

    Wow… that is a seriously bitchen shot. I really love it. Were your kids just running around in the back ground? LOVE IT!
    p.s. we should take a field trip to good picture taking places… 😀

  3. Heather said

    Beautiful Shot Wendy!!!!

    what is that kind of cactus called again? you told me when were in arizona!

    I think that picture is missing Shannon though hugged up right next to the cactus! 🙂

  4. rws said

    It’s called a Saguaro (pronounced: Suh-WAR-oh where the “war” rhymes with “car”)

  5. Shannon G said

    LOVE this. Wish I could have seen more of it when I was there…..ah….next time.

  6. nic said

    No Kidding Nirvana! I don’t think i have the words for how stunning that is… That sunburst is my fav – love ho it illuminates that little cactus guy…


  7. Cecile said

    I love that sun burst… is so so beautiful….

  8. Donita said

    SOO jealous. We have nothin’ like that here in the Midwest! It’s cold (28 degrees) and you don’t want to go outside…it sucks!

  9. tracy said

    I love this, very cool! Love the sunburst and the color in the sky.

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