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Posted by rws on January 30, 2008



Note: Squeek. “hiding”. I believe I have mentioned previously that he, well, he is an idiot.
Note2: See the quilt? My mom made that for me. It took her 28 years. And I was the last relative to get a quilt. Proof that she loves me the LEAST. *sigh*

Shot in Av mode because I had to go FAST here as I knew he’d hop out and want some scratching the minute I showed up. Which is, in fact, exactly what happened as this is the ONLY picture I got before he squirmed out.

85mm lens | 1/30 @ f/3.2 | ISO 1600
pp: erin’s color boost action (thanks erin!!1!), defog, resize and sharpen for web

5 Responses to “01.30.08”

  1. Mom said

    oh please…… You got the quilt with the best stitching because I had the most experience. (Please note tattered first effort you carry in your trunk in case you need to put something in the dirt for you to lay on, etc.)

  2. Wendy said

    I have to have SOMETHING to complain about, mom. It’s my JOB. As your CHILD. To say things like this. and I take my job VERY SERIOUSLY. VERY.

    and I like the first version that we use to cover the dirt. It’s the perfect picnic blanket. 🙂

  3. Shelly S. said

    thanks soooo much for posting kitty pictures…i miss mine soooo very much!!!

  4. nic said

    your mom and you are too funny! sooo reminds me of my mom.

    I forgot what my original comment was going to be…

  5. erin said

    Okay, I’m a total dummy…I’ve looked at this picture a ton of times now and just now saw that you tried my action on it. I’m glad it worked! I’m totally flabbergasted that *I* could share something with *you*. Big smiles over here at thepigbear!

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