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Posted by rws on February 4, 2008


The PRINCE! is Marrying! The SEA WITCH! in DISGUISE!!!!1!

Note: It is a gloomy gloomy cloudy day today. Very winter here in the Valley of the Sun which today has no sun.
Note2: Beloved Blankie included in picture
Note3: I know! no picture yesterday! BUT! I will make it up to you with TWO OUTTAKES because that is how much i love you. I am The Awesome.

So. I bring to you:
What REALLY happens when you are taking pictures of a three year old.
I know you guys think she is the most well behaved little picture taker. This is a LIE that I perpetuate through only showing pictures of her that show her more, um, refined side. But she is NOT. I have tons of photos that I am saving to make into a slideshow to run on the TV any time I want to embarrass her. The next two will probably make the cut to be included.




NEENER NEENER! The Prince Saved Ariel! Eric is THE BOMBingest prince around! You mean old Sea Witch!

p.s. guess what movie she’s watching…’s a mystery! I’m sure! You’ll NEVER GUESS. *snort*

all images were taken on the same settings and run through the same pp process:
85mm lens | 1/80 @ f/2.8 | ISO 3200
pp: corrected white balance, noise reduction, defog, crisp color boost, resize and sharpen for web


6 Responses to “02.04.08”

  1. Cate said

    The second photo totally reminds me of E.T.

  2. Love it!

  3. Janelle said

    Looks a lot like the faces my 3 year old pulls! I love it and great idea for keeping it for future slide shows! I’ll have to remember that.

  4. Shannon G said

    That 3rd one makes me giggle….too funny. Love these, and I am sure she will too when she sees them on that slide show! 😉

  5. nic said

    LOVE that second one! I would have it framed – not necessarily in my living room, but in my bedroom – where i could laugh at it everyday!

    and the ‘funny face’ in the third – my kids are all over that right now – as well as pulling down their eyes – I totally blame daycare – they learned how to say cheese, and make a funny face in front of the camera – what ever happened to just learning the alphabet and how to tie shoes, eh?

  6. Cecile said

    That last photo of hers so reminds me of Krystn. When I shoot her and she makes faces I threaten to take it and show her over and over again….that is why she felt so bad I shared that one photo during our chat…mean mommy!

    Katie is so such a doll!!! That first photo is such a “princess-in-distress” look. Love it. The next is full of anticipation. And that last one….I am certain she was throwing that out to Ursula, the Sea witch!

    That is so my favourite movie and princes of all time…Ariel!!!! But Giselle from Enchanted is fast approaching number 1 spot.

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