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Posted by rws on February 5, 2008


Self-Portrait Tuesday: Vanity Run Amok Edition

Note: Amok is really a very odd worD. Amok. AmokAmokAmokAmok.
Note2: According to, amok can ALSO be spelled amuck. Either is acceptable. This is why English is such a whacked out language, ya’ll. I think from now on we should have alternate spellings for EVERY WORD. Just throw in whatever letters you want. Iht culd bea fuhn.
Note3: Is it weird that like the me in the side mirror better than I like the me in the front mirror? Apparently, I have to be reflected TWICE in order to think of myself as HOTT. This is obviously some sort of mental issue. Where is Freud when you need him?
Note4: the light on ME here is from the overhead bathroom sconce-y thinger. The light on the door in the background that looks blue? That’s natural light from the window in the room with the shower. This note is really not for the general public but for the students who read here and get all wigged out about shooting images without natural light.
Note5: (NoteFIVE??? Sheesh. I need to shut up already) Hey, flash workshop 2007 students! NOTICE THE ROCKIN’ NECKLACE? Love ya’ll!

85mm lens | 1/15 @ f/6.3 | ISO 1250
pp: corrected white balance, erin’s color boosting action, crisp color boost, resized and saved for web

11 Responses to “02.05.08”

  1. Julie said

    Like work and word? (1st note, 7th word) SORRY! I had to say it, you know me sometimes I just can’t keep my mouth shut ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s all done through love though, lol. You don’t have to post the comment though ๐Ÿ˜€

    You look stunning as usual! We should all walk around with fans or blowdryers ahead of us so we look this good.

  2. nic said

    ack – she beat me to making fun of the ‘work’ while i was commenting on the other days pix! too funny!

    and yep – i like the third mirror shot better too – black background, SHADOWS! and warmer tone on your skin – gorgeous!

  3. Shannon said

    Wendy Lou Hoo, do you mind telling me what you do to correct white balance? Also, did you use a tripod for this shot? I’ve got to do better at self portraits – otherwise in 100 years no one will know I existed!

  4. Shannon G said

    weeendy!! Hot date that night?? kissy kissy.

  5. Debi said

    this is my favorite self-portrait so far….love it!

  6. Cecile said

    You look like you’re 18!!!! And I’m not saying that to earn points in the CE class – will i? LOL Really

  7. Alissa said

    I was going to say the same thing – you look like you are 18. Wow!

  8. You do look good in the mirror. Also good normal, but you get it. What is funny is I was totally thinking about taking a picture of me drying my hair… Guess you beat me to it!

  9. kelley said

    Ok – totally hott, as usual! you rock!

  10. Billy said

    Male perspective: Both the normal and reflected images look fabulous!

  11. kathyp said

    great sp wendy! i really like that you aren’t looking into the camera! and i was thinkin’ the same thing as shannon…. hot date night! ๐Ÿ™‚

    beautiful necklace! ๐Ÿ™‚

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