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Posted by rws on March 1, 2008


Play Time!

Note: That’s me in the green shirt falling backwards off the seesaw just as the timer on the camera went off
Note2: That’s me wearing the coolest green camera shirt ever. My students ROCK. Want to see the shirt? Go HERE
Note3: I feel like this picture looks a lot like one of those scenes from Death Valley in the movies where all you can see is the hot sun, sand for miles, and scraggly trees…. and then the whistling from the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly comes in…..ha!

16-35mm lens @ 16mm | 1/500 @ f/9 | ISO 200
pp: NONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


4 Responses to “03.01.08”

  1. kelley said

    Totally a cool green shirt. And you crack me up! 🙂

  2. Shannon G said

    I recognize these peeps! Looks like you were having fun!(the dorky kind)

  3. Cecile said

    nice shirt!

  4. jenny said

    Oh my.
    That is like the COOLEST shirt EVER.
    Some incredibly intelligent & beautiful women must have given it to you. 😉

    So glad you are able to express your inner child so well.

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