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Posted by rws on March 4, 2008


Self-Portrait Tuesday: I Ran Out of Daylight and Went for the Creepy AGAIN

Note: This is ONE exposure of 15 seconds with me doing some funky stuff with a flash. In other words, I didn’t take three pictures and photoshop myself together. It’s ONE picture just over a really long amount of time.
Note2: Wanted to give a shout out to Shannon Who Rocks The World Woot Woot (that’s her full given name, by the way) for planting the see of the idea here. Now she needs to get on that running picture and get ‘er done!
Note3: I REALLY wanted to gel the flash to get three different COLORS as well, but the wind was picking up and it was getting chilly.

16-35mm lens @ 35mm | 15″ @ f/9 | ISO 200
pp: adjusted white balance, crisp color boost, resize and sharpen for web


6 Responses to “03.04.08”

  1. Cate said

    Seriously cool! I’m going to have to try something like this.

  2. Heather said

    That is too wendy….Try it with the gels sometimes! I want to see that! 🙂

  3. Shannon G said

    Weeeeee…..wendywoo! You are too funny. (and creepy, I know you like it like that!) I have to give my neighbors a break from my weird after dark runs back and forth past my house….I mean it is dark…they DON’T see the camera! and if I add a flash…what would they think? HA!

  4. kathyp said

    oh, very creepy wendy!! the different colour gels would look so cool! as for me, i take the “not so ingenious” route and do separate pictures and then ps them together! 🙂

  5. Cecile said

    And just when I started to get a little bit more comfortable with what little knowledge I have of photography…you just needed to step it up and remind me how little I actually know….humph….

    I mean that in a kind way…but this is just way to cool…three of you…however does one handle that?

  6. Kristyn said

    My 4 year old just asked me if this was in the haunted mansion.

    I told her no, so then she asked me if it was in the Pirate Ride.

    You have definitely achieved spooky! 🙂

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