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Posted by rws on March 15, 2008


Holding Onto The Sun

Note: I had a student come see me to spend today learning all about how to use her flash. We had a really fun and fantastic day and I think she even learned a bit, too.
Note2: I might have played a bit as well
Note3: The day being the only practice subject reaffirmed several things to me:
1) I will be single forever because holy geez, is that what I really look like all the time?
2) I am better suited to being behind the camera than in front of it
3) I’d rather teach than model
Note4: Crosslighting is fun

16-35mm lens | 1/200 @ f/18 | ISO 200 | 580EX on camera
pp: defog, Lab color masked back on subject, resize and sharpen for web

Want to see more? Of COURSE you do…


Sunset Diva: When is She Going to Stop Taking Pictures of Me Already?




This is Your Brain on Flash Information Overload

Thanks for a FABULOUS DAY Natasha! I can’t wait for you to show off your new skillz.


3 Responses to “03.15.08”

  1. so, when I’m rich, can I come over and you show me the same crap? How much do you charge for something like that? BTW, TOTALLY digging the sunbursts! I want to learn how to do that.

  2. Billy said

    I don’t believe the “Note 3” items. Where are the pics for us to draw our own conclusions?? 😀

  3. Cecile said

    Yeah WEndy – How much do you charge for a day session of personal photography lessons. Love the idea!

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