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Posted by rws on March 16, 2008


Moolah The Money Savvy Cow

Note: Elijah has hit the point where he’s really starting to understand what money is all about, so I’ve started giving him an allowance. I remember reading somewhere about how this mom had a special kind of bank with three separate sections in it to help her kids learn how to save money and how to tithe money and whatnot. I wanted to make sure I started the kid out right and found this fantastically cute set of banks online. There are pigs as well, and I ordered Katie a pink pig so we didn’t have arguements and such. I have to say that I’m really excited about the concept. Here’s how I have it set up for him.

He gets $1.25, all in quarters.
One quarter goes in “invest” which we’re calling “the bank” for long term saving.
One quarter goes in “donate” which we’re calling “God’s money” for a tithe. No it’s not 10%, but it’s easy for him to understand.
And the other three quarters he can divide as he wishes between “spend” and “save”. Wev’e decided that “save” is the money he’s saving for a special toy at the store and “spend” is for when he wants a gumball at the grocery store or a candy bar or something silly on a whim. This week he put all three quarters in “save” because he has his eye on a car at the toy store. But last week’s three quarters he put in “spend”. It’s up to him. But we have definitely talked about how if he keeps putting it in spend, he’ll never have enough to get his car.

Note2: I love how the sun hit the cow. So pretty.

85mm | 1/200 @ f/11 | ISO 200
pp: adjusted contrast and shadows in ACR, defog, sharpen and resize for web

7 Responses to “03.16.08”

  1. Heather Munson said

    WEndy….that that is a fanstastic idea! I will have to remember that when Mika gets a little bit older.


  2. Billy said

    Soooo, any thoughts on why the “Save” section is the head and the “Invest” section is the… well, lets call it the “tail”???

    Great idea, by the way!

  3. Shannon G said

    Love it! What a great idea!

  4. missie said

    My older two have the “three section” banks that you talked about. We have a bank – long term savings; a store – spendable, however they see fit; and a church – tithe. It has REALLY helped them understand how to use money correctly rather than wonder “where did it all go?!?!”
    I *LOVE* the bank you’re using… I think I’ll use that for our youngest (he’s just now 4.)

  5. Kristin said

    Great stuff!

  6. jenn said

    LOVE the bank!! I’ll have to try to find something like that. And Billy’s comment totally made me spit my soda. šŸ™‚

  7. Cecile said

    I cant tell you how I love this idea. Just got myself the Cow and platinum pig for the kids. Thank you for sharing this. I am certain my sisters will be getting these for their own little ones too.

    And yes, I do love the light on the cow and how you just had to get those multiple flares bouncing off the top….dang you’re good!

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